About HB&T


Hand Benefits & Trust Company (HB&T), a BPAS company, is located in Houston, Texas. 
As a state-chartered trust company regulated by the Texas Department of Banking, HB&T is an institutional trust company with a unique set of skills. Chief among these is providing daily valuation accounting and unitization for Collective Investment Funds (CIFs). These portfolios may be for large, trustee-directed plans seeking daily valuation, or for financial intermediaries who wish to offer daily valued collective funds in the marketplace. We also assist in placing these portfolios on the NSCC, where they can be traded by virtually any daily valuation recordkeeper. HB&T believes in a culture of fiduciary responsibility, which is indispensable to the long-term success of our clients.


Hand Benefits & Trust (HB&T) has been providing employee benefit trust services to plan sponsors since 1963, and has been administering pooled Collective Investment Funds since 1964. All of HB&T’s Collective Investment Funds are sub-advised by outside Registered Investment Advisors, who are responsible for the distribution of
these investment vehicles within the qualified plan marketplace.


  • While there are other firms vying in the Collective Investment Fund space, here are some key advantages that clients appreciate about HB&T.
  • We are a pioneer in the creation of Collective Investment Funds and have a high level of expertise in technical and compliance areas.
  • We are profitable and viable, owned by an NYSE-traded institution that has audited financials.
  • We are an emerging player that will complement your offering without the“competitor perception issues” that can come from partnering with the largest firms.
  • We are truly“open architecture”with regards to interacting with multiple custodians. We are accessible and accountable, and pride ourselves on client service.
  • Since we participate in the defined contribution administration business ourselves, so we understand the many nuances of this market.
  • Our fees are reasonable and competitive.
  • We have broad personal knowledge of distribution channels which helps us advise clients on building their business through a network of DC platforms.DC platforms include broker dealers, custody & trust providers, and third party administrators.


HB&T takes a collaborative approach working with advisors to manage Collective Investment Funds. Here are some operational highlights:


  • We use the Sungard AddVantage trust system – one of the most robust trust systems in the marketplace.
  • We unitize the portfolios daily, perform all of the sub-transfer agent work, distribute net asset value each evening, and make the funds eligible on the NSCC trading platform.This allows collective funds to be traded by virtually any daily valuation recordkeeper,with service fees paid to TPAs and brokers.
  • Our flexibility allows us to work with virtually any advisor. We integrate with a number of major custodians (e.g., Schwab, First Southwest, Penson Financial services, State Street, etc), helping to automate the daily trading and reporting process.
  • We have established daily procedures for our advisor partnership model.This covers important protocols such as the exchange of position, income and transaction files; cutoff times; file formats; and other key matters.
  • We serve as trustee, fund administrator and transfer agent for the funds – providing one-stop-shopping for our clients (a decided advantage of HB&T).
  • We offer a robust portfolio management interface for advisors.


If you would like more information on Collective Investment Funds or the services of HB&T, please contact David Hand or Stephen Hand:


William David Hand
CEO, Hand Benefits & Trust


Stephen S. Hand
President, Hand Benefits & Trust



Hand Benefits & Trust is a BPAS company. For additional information including information on the other services offered by BPAS, please visit www.bpas.com.