About the Advisor


Lightstone Capital Management was founded in 1998 as a portfolio sub-advisor with a main focus on U.S. equity markets and have been managing retail assets for more than a decade. We use quantitative methods of stock selection to develop portfolios across all equity styles.

LCM’s Shariah Compliant Strategies are very similar to their Conventional Strategies. However, before we implement our standard screens, we exclude from our selection universe those stocks that are impermissible as put forth in Shariah Law. Since these screens can be different given different Shariah Boards, we have implemented a commonly used and accepted set of rules.

Once we have eliminated the non-compliant stocks, we proceed as in our conventional strategies to come up with strategies that hold true to their conventional benchmarks while filling in the “style boxes” to allow for asset allocation and diversification across equity size and style.

Lightstone Capital Advisers was formed to use the quantitative stock selection models developed by Lightstone Capital Management for Islamic strategies. This quantitative selection process has yielded portfolios that have outperformed their respective benchmarks over time. Today, these strategies have been incorporated in the MIZĀN Islamic Moderate Equity Allocation Fund. All strategies use a proprietary analysis of revisions in earnings estimates, called Earnings PressureTM. This means that Lightstone “analyzes the analysts”.